2019 Famous!

Congratulations to these Famous Felines & Canines, and their Famous Parents! 

2019 CLAB Classic and CLAB Contemporary calendars:

Month Famous Felines Famous Parents
Cover Tequila Oleksandra Romanyshyn, Connecticut
January Ainsley Angela Herrmann, Indiana
February Turbo & Blue Eyes Laura Campbell, Oregon
March Milo Elisabeth Opperthauser, Michigan
April Jack Tina Martino, New Jersey
May Biscuit Hatchett Erick Garcia, Oregon
June Phil Catherine Jolly, Ontario, Canada
July Pepper Douglas Gillette, Florida
August Baby Linda Nusz, Montana
September Camaro Tammy Bryant, Oregon
October Baby Victoria Pierre, New Jersey
November Princess Liz Denial, Nottinghamshire, UK
December Hickory Sara Pennington, North Dakota


2019 LGBTQA+ Rights calendar:

Month Famous Felines Famous Parents
Cover Minnie Melissa Kleinjan, Ontario, Canada
January Tequila Oleksandra Romanyshyn, Connecticut
February Turbo & Blue Eyes Laura Campbell, Oregon
March Gowan Laura Jones, Arizona
April Mr. Philip James Rowe, Victoria, Australia
May Snowy Roy Kim, Sydney, Australia
June Billie White Shoes Diane Loughrey, Massachusetts
July Kovu Lisa Czech, Minnesota
August Charley Anonymous, Canada
September Nala Mike Quintana, Washington
October KD Tammy Bryant, Oregon
November Molly Teresa Walker, Ohio
December Cady Mikaylah Conley, Ohio


2019 Pups for Peace calendars:

Month Famous Canines Famous Parents
Cover Molly Connie Summey, Oregon
January CC
February CC
March Sable Ron & Lois Todd Meyer, Nebraska
April CC
May CC
June Scout Nichole Kennedy, Florida
July CC
August Dill Jennifer Fores, Wisconsin
September CC
October Portia Enzolina Jeneanne Crawford, California
November CC
December CC

* CC = Due to the lack of quality canine photo submissions, we sourced some photos from the Creative Commons

We would LOVE to feature your pup in a future Pups calendar, so please consider submitting your favorite, high quality PUP photograph. See Photo Submissions for details.