About Us - CLAB Tribute & New Developments

The release of the 2021 CLAB calendar marks its 38th consecutive year.  The Cat Lovers Against the Bomb (CLAB) wall calendar serves as a way to reach out to others of like mind - and to cat lovers who are not yet against the (nuclear) bomb. The thousands of the Friends of CLAB, who have purchased this calendar year after year, make up an informal network of cat lovers who promote peace and social justice for all. 

Helen Jenner of West Yorkshire, UK, coined the phrase 'Cat Lovers Against the Bomb' and designed the first CLAB button.  Inspired by this CLAB button, Esther Cope, DeCourcy Squire, and Bill Waters started the CLAB project in 1984 to benefit Nebraskans for Peace (NFP). The late Betty Olson (spouse of founding NFP and original CLAB editorial committee member Paul Olson) served as the CLAB editor for 15 years - from its inception until 1999.

Following the passing of Betty Olson up until 2015, the publishing of CLAB became a labor of love from the CLAB editorial committee, which was generously led by Loyal and Mary Alice Park and the committee's 15 members.

Effective with the 2016 CLAB sales season, the reins were transferred to a new development team, Cat Lovers Calendar, who continues to be sponsored by Nebraskans for Peace. Development team members are Caryl, Brittany, Susan, Roy, Lois, and Kathy.  Our team deeply appreciates the former CLAB editorial committee for the thousands of collective hours that they spent developing the annual CLAB calendar. 

We look forward to hearing from you as we bring you a special remembrance every single day through our unique calendars.

We have added new calendar themes to the CLC store front. New themes include a 365-day mobile app with six calendar streams (social justice, peace/anti-war, and LGBTQ), and three new wall calendars (CLAB Contemporary - a color version for those desiring a more modern appeal, Cat Lovers for LGBTQA Rights, and Pups for Peace for progressive canine lovers.

In order to develop these social themes alongside our faithful and favorite pets, we accept electronic photographs year round for BOTH cats and dogs. Please read the criteria for Photo Submissions for both black & white and color submissions.

To make suggestions, ask questions, or maybe even suggest a great calendar idea, just Contact Us!

Diotima (Caryl)

Paris (Brittany)

Miles (Susan)

Schrodinger (Roy)

Caramel (Lois)

Cato (Kathy)