Progressive activists take note!

REBELCal uniquely brings you inspiration for your progressive causes in this one-of-a-kind calendar that integrates seamlessly with your Android (and soon, iOS) calendar.

Start your progressive day with a historical fact or inspirational quote via SIX different streams. Join the rebel movement and stay energized with daily inspiration.

Cat fancier?  Choose daily cat photos with a LGBTQ quote or historical reference. Or, switch to a social justice remembrance for the day.

Dog lover? Select daily photos of pups with an anti-war or peace anecdote, or flip to any of the other Note of the Day streams.

Whichever stream you select, you can easily switch to a different Photo and/or Note of the Day to inspire and motivate you.

  • SIX different views in ONE calendar!

  • TWO different Photo streams:

    • feline
    • canine

  • THREE different Note of the Day streams:

    • peace/anti-war
    • social justice/civil rights
    • LGBTQ

  • Quickly switch between visual and text streams

  • Uses Android's native calendar back-end and synchronization

  • Seamless integration with Android's native calendar with your personalized settings:

    • Google Calendar
    • aCalendar
    • Business Calendar 2
    • DigiCal
    • Outlook

  • Ad Free!

  • No in-app purchases

ONE PRICE: $4.99 for SIX unique calendars


ANDROID Version - in its final testing phase!

iOS Version for Apple - coming soon!


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