Photo Submission Guidelines & Criteria


We accept both CAT and DOG Photos year round!


Submissions received starting February 1, 2020 will be considered for our 2022 calendar line.

     Submissions Received: 
           February 2020 through January 2021

           Summer 2021

           2022 wall calendar line  



Photos are in high demand with year-round calendar development at Cat Lovers Calendar (CLC), so we are constantly sourcing new photographs. Photos may be used in a number of ways: on our wall calendars, in our REBELCal iPhone app, and/or directly on the CLC website.

With the advent of high resolution photography at your fingertips with your mobile phone, we know that you will be tempted to share every picture of your favorite friend.  But don't get carried away without thoroughly reading the following sections first:

  • Photo Guidelines
  • Picture Name Structure
  • Photo Training & Image Quality Standards
  • CLC Photo Release Policy



Once development for the following year has been completed, notifications will be sent to all submitters whether or not their photo was selected for one of our calendars.

A complimentary calendar will be sent to each pet owner for the calendar in which their pet was featured. Since you may want to share your pet's new fame with your family and friends, we'll also send you an option to purchase additional calendars at a significant discount.

If your submission was not selected this year, we welcome you to submit that perfect photo for another opportunity next year.


Photo Guidelines

    • Photos may ONLY be submitted via this on-line process.
    • Photos are not accepted by mail.

    • LANDSCAPE orientation photos are used for our print calendars.
    • PORTRAIT orientation photos are DISCOURAGED.
  • File size for print calendars MUST be a MINIMUM of 1MB (1000kb) to accommodate enlargement to wall calendar size.  

  • Photos are accepted 365 days a year.

  • Only TWO photos, PER PET will be accepted per calendar submission year 
    (February 2, 2018 - February 1, 2019 calendar submission year for 2020 calendars)
    • Photos of multiple cats or dogs in one photo is acceptable.
    • Black and white photos will continue to be used on the CLAB Classic calendar, though PLEASE submit ONLY color photos. Our expert design team will make the appropriate color changes to the selected photographs.

    • Send original photo: no photo manipulations (our graphic artist will modify, as needed)

    • Photo must be SHARP and IN FOCUS.   PLEASE do not submit blurry photos - they will be AUTOMATICALLY rejected, no matter how adorable.

    • Properly 'set the scene' for the photo, as its 'story' is very important.

    • Think about submitting photos for different seasons of the year
    • File size for print calendars MUST be a MINIMUM of 1MB (1000kb) to accommodate enlargement to calendar size. 

    • Only QUALITY photos will be published - see the Photo Training and Image Quality Standards section below.

    • All photographs MUST be taken by you (or your friend/relative) and the subject of the photo MUST be your pet.

    See these EXAMPLES of pictures that have good composition and high quality.

    5 Tips for Purr-fect Cat and Dog Photos



          Photo Training and Image Quality Standards

          Instead of reinventing the wheel, CLC found an outstanding site - Pixabay, a Creative Commons site for shared images - that clearly defines high quality standards for photos.

          The topics to pay special attention to on the Pixabay link below are:

          • Image Dimension
          • Copyright and Duplicates
          • Focus and Blurring
          • Light and Colors
          • Image Manipulations
          • Noise and JPEG Compression Artifacts
          • Image Hygiene and Composition
          • Tilted and Crooked Images
          • Series


          To submit your photo, please complete the form below: