2019 Pups for Peace

$ 6.00 $ 11.95

Dog lovers of the Cat Lovers Against the Bomb wall calendar have their very own peace calendar!

Full-color photographs grace modest calendar pages noting peace and canine anecdotes:

  • Full-color photographs
  • Canine-faced moon phases
  • Over 400 peace and canine anecdotes
  • Multi-cultural religious holidays
  • Thought-provoking monthly quotes
  • Previous and next month calendar insets
  • Photos submitted by our friends and the Creative Commons
  • Photo collage of Nobel Peace Laureates
  • Union printed by a FSC-certified, employee-owned and operated sustainable printer
  • 11" x 17" opened

We feel that equality and diversity are paramount to a civil society. Within diversity, lies civility. Canines are equally important to progressives as are feline-loving progressives.