2024 Pups for Peace

$ 12.50

Dog lovers of the Cat Lovers Against the Bomb wall calendar have their very own peace calendar!

Full-color photographs grace modest calendar pages noting peace and canine anecdotes:

  • Full-color photographs
  • Canine-faced moon phases
  • Over 400 peace and canine anecdotes
  • Multi-cultural religious holidays
  • Thought-provoking monthly quotes
  • Previous and next month calendar insets
  • Photos submitted by our national and international friends
  • Excerpt from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
  • Union printed by women-owned sustainable printer
  • Printed on 10% PCW paper
  • 11" x 17" opened

We feel that equality and diversity are paramount to a civil society. Canines are equally important to the progressives who love them as are their feline counterparts.

SPECIAL REQUEST: Please help keep this title viable by submitting your favorite high-quality images of the peace-loving dogs you know!

Some good and some bad news ... Pups is about to sell out (or already has). That means we will almost certainly continue the calendar for our dedicated dog lovers. But, additional purchases for this year will not be shipped until January. In order to purchase the back-ordered Pups for Peace, for delivery sometime in January, please use this Pups for Peace backorder product. We apologize for the shortage.

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