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2022 Calendar Season


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 We applaud EVERY ACTIVIST who is working for a just and equal society.



All calendars are now in stock. If you received discount codes for September/October, please feel free to apply those through November. We expect a large number of immediate sales, and we will work hard to catch up and keep up with demand, but there will probably be some delays.

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2022 Wall Calendars 

Cat Lovers Against the Bomb (CLAB) calendars: 

CLAB Classic - named for its classic B&W format, with only a touch of color on the cover. Well-known for its peace and anti-war anecdotes.


CLAB Contemporary - a duplicate of the CLAB Classic except for the formatting: spot color photos, feline silhouettes, and colored date pages


Cat Lovers for LGBTQA+ Rights 

Cat Lovers for LGBTQA Rights - This full-color wall calendar features over 200 LGBTQ and feline historical anecdotes specific to the LGBTQA+ movement.


Pups for Peace  

Pups for Peace - How can one discriminate against our canine friends?  This calendar was designed specifically for canine-loving progressives. Peace and anti-war, along with canine, anecdotes fill this unique calendar.



 iPhone APP!!

REBELCal, a 365-day, Progressive Calendar

$1.99 for peace, social justice, and LGBTQA streams 

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Effective January 2020, Cat Lovers Calendar is a solar-powered business.


Cat Lovers Calendars is sponsored by Nebraskans for Peace, the oldest statewide Peace & Justice organization in the country and is the acknowledged voice on peace and social justice issues in Nebraska politics. Many CLAB loyalists continue to financially acknowledge NFP for their outstanding work.  To donate directly to NFP, mail donations to PO Box 83466, Lincoln, NE 68501.  (Note: NFP no longer fills CLAB orders.