2018 Survey Responses

Thank you, survey respondents, for sharing your opinions on the 2018 calendars.  Your suggestions help us continuously improve.  As such, below are your responses, requests and the changes that we made to the 2019 calendars.

Kudos, Well-Done!, etc

Critiques and Questions

Space in date boxes
Monthly Title
Calendar Format
Inset Calendars
Nebraskans for Peace

Kudos, Well-Done!, etc

My daughter only request THIS calendar (Classic) for Christmas. It's tradition in her mind and she's only 34 years old!

Love the color on the Contemporary. Nice that there's a LGBTQ calendar available - our neighbors are excited!

I like the cat photos, daily information and peace/anti-war/nuclear events in the past. Very affirming. I think this is a unique calendar. I receive many free calendars, but I don't mind paying for this one!

Thanks for restoring the Classic format and for the new Pups calendar!

Keep up the Peace Work!

The most beautiful calendar yet (2018 Contemporary)!

I like the color options on the Contemporary and Pups calendars, as well as the heavy paper; have bought CLAB  for my brother for many years, but I will now also get the Pups for Peace for my office. As a gay man, I like the idea of a LGBTQ calendar, but am allergic to cats.

This year's calendar (Classic) continues the tradition begun by the originators, which I truly appreciate.

I love CLAB - thank you, purr, purr...

Delivery...was very quick, especially given this holiday season.

Both calendars are outstanding.... The Photos are sharply focused and well framed, the quotations are quite apt, and the daily historical notes much appreciated. Both are printed on quality stock with excellent formatting. Good job!

...the cat faces and demeanor are a very calming, meditative sight.

Thanks for adding new calendars. I gifted Pups for Peace to dog-loving friends, and the LGBT calendar to a gay activist. More people are learning about you and Nebraskans for Peace.

I love everything about the Classic! Keep up your GREAT work!

I've grown to like the Contemporary calendar over the past year. Thanks for the Pups calendar. I love what you do...don't ever stop!

Thank you for increasing the print size of anecdotes on the calendar....

We love it! Thanks for thinking of us! (LGBTQ fan)

In the past I liked the Classic the best. This year I received a gift of the Contemporary. It would be my second choice.

Maybe I just like traditional calendars because I have been buying it since the 1970's and giving copies to my friends. I love it! Every year it hangs in our downstairs bathroom.

Thank you for bringing back the Classic! I love the full-size squares, easy-to-read anniversaries, large black and white photos, inspirational quotes, photo credits which include the name of the cat(s), the price was very reasonable, the use of recycled materials, and the good cause.  Keep up the good work!

The Classic is superb - magnificent - pictures and sayings - quotes perfect.  I love it!

So glad you offer the Classic again; it is unique with the black and white photos, traditional, and appropriate for the 'peaceful' quotes. Also love the new calendars. Pups for Peace was obviously needed. LGBTQ was a surprise, well-done, and had the cutest pictures. It makes the best New Year's presents for my friends.

Keep up the great work! We love and count on you and your work. Peace!

Thanks for retaining the B&W calendars for us old-school types!

I love everything about the Classic...the larger photos, black on white type is easier to read, and union-shop printed. Cats and peace - what's not to love!

Cats from other countries adds a nice touch.

What a pleasure to see the old format! Very nice juxtaposition of quotes and pictures. They are witty without being cloying. Thank you for giving back blank white space for calendar notes. You've restored us to your group of loyal fans.

We love the manner in which the calendars are produced - sustainably!

Carry it on...peace!

I am thrilled to have the 'Classic CLAB' back. I love the black and white photos!

I love your group - world peace and cats together - the BEST - this calendar is purrfect!

The little added color on the Contemporary calendar is nice!

The 2018 calendar is beautiful as always.

I love your calendars!! Don't ever stop!

I love the political date information!

CLAB Classic is my favorite...tried and true.

Love them all! My LGBTQ friends were delighted!

I like the full-page pictures, 'words of wisdom' under the pictures, the beloved pets of everyday people, and its simplicity.

The Contemporary is a nice, 'classy' calendar.

I appreciate you all responding to input in this creative manner.

The Classic is fine, but the Contemporary is just a little bit nicer. I like the little bits of color - classy!

I just received my 2018 calendar (Classic) and it is a total delight, just as it has been for years!

Like the Classic better than ever! Great pics, great quotes - thanks!

Thanks you so much for bringing back my favorite calendar of all time! Also, thank you, Nebraskans for Peace for all the years!



Critiques and Questions

Space in date box size is too small to write appointments in the Classic calendar

Having enlarged the date box as much as possible in all our calendars and having brought back the single line separating the date blocks in the Classic, our only other option was to minimize the length of the anecdotes. Since anecdotes are like 'old friends' to many CLAB fans, it was quite a dilemma as to which anecdote to cut.

So instead of removing an anecdote that someone might object to, our editors fine-tuned each blurb so that the maximum number of lines for any one date have been reduced from six to five. Now, blurbs in the Classic are five or fewer lines of text.

A second option for personal appointments is for CLAB fans to keep two calendars: one strictly for CLAB references and a different calendar for personal dates and appointments.

We have considered creating a perpetual calendar that can be used year-after-year for birthdays and anniversaries, but we have not decided to move forward on that project at this time.

Monthly title is unnecessary and conflicts with other local dates of significance for that month

The inclusion of 'xxx Month' has been a CLAB Classic mainstay from almost the beginning of CLAB and many CLAB fans appreciate the specific monthly focus.

On all of our 2019 calendars, we have positioned the monthly title at the bottom of the calendar page to minimize encroachment on available white space.

The format on the Classic needs refining to the old classic CLAB style

We agree, so the:

  • days of the week are aligned at the top of the calendar

  • date numerals are larger

  • month at the bottom of the date page is larger

  • outside border is heavier than the lines surrounding the days of the week

  • moon phases are kept to a minimum size to allow more personal writing space

  • Unfortunately, cat silhouettes are a modern addition, so they only appear in the Contemporary and LGBTQ calendars

Numerals on the days of the week are hard to see at a distance

Although we enlarged the numerals on the Classic for 2019, we had to be cautious about using up too much 'open' space in the date boxes that is used for personal appointments. 

In the past, the smaller numerals were used solely to free up additional personal space, with no intention to discriminate against our older CLAB fans.  It's a delicate balance to provide large enough font for reading the anecdotes, moon phases, numerals, and holidays juxtaposed with enough personal writing space.


  • Omitting certain anecdotes: We don't have a bias for or against any particular anecdote. Though, due to limiting anecdotes to 5 lines, we have to be discriminating about which anecdotes to keep or let go.  If both a birthday and death of a high-profile activist had been noted and there is limited space, we have no choice but to only cite one of those dates.

  • Too much text - omit blurbs down to one line: While that would be ideal for some, other fans would strongly object to the removal of their preferred quotes. Drastically modifying the calendar in this way would not be appreciated by the majority of CLAB supporters.

  • Add anecdotes that are counter to war: Adding new anecdotes are tricky. Just as the preference for some is to remove anecdotes (as noted above), the preference for others is to add new blurbs. If suggested blurbs fall on dates that already have 4 to 5 lines of text, we have to make an editorial call as to what to retain or cut. Anecdotes are like old, familiar friends to many of our fans, so removing an anecdote is not a practice we typically tend towards.

  • List from earliest date to latest date: The latest date is listed first so readers can quickly see new listings.

Inset calendars

As of 2019, we added inset calendars, previous and next month, on all our calendars for easy reference. 


    • Photo Variety: We aim to present a wide variety of photographs - both indoor and outdoor. During the winter months, we typically feature indoor photos. For the spring through the fall, we look for photos in outdoor and indoor settings. 

      We understand concern for our outdoor feline friends and ask that owners be cognizant of their safety and well-being. We are working on a special Pet Care page for our website - look for it in the near future.

    • Photo Quality: We receive close to 200 photographs each year from which our editorial board chooses a select 39 photos (3 calendars). In order to be considered, photos must:

      • be in landscape format

      • be in full color

      • be sharp and in focus

      • 8 1/2' x 11" in size (for hard-copy submissions)

    • Photos for New Calendars:  With the addition of the LGBTQA and the Pups calendars, we continually request submissions for these particular calendars.  If you'd like your photograph to be considered, please note LGBT (Pups is obvious) in the Additional Notes field on the on-line submission form.

      When we do not receive enough photos for our Pups for Peace calendar, we secondarily source photos from the open-sourced Creative Commons. We much prefer that ALL of our photos are submitted by owners, so encourage your progressive feline-lovers and canine-lovers to submit their best photographs!

    • Submissions: Since our calendars are digitally created, digital photographs are strongly preferred. Quality is lost when converting a print copy to a digital format.  If you are unable to submit photographs via our on-line submission process, please contact us via our Contact Us link above to inquire about a hard copy submission.

    •  Bios: A biography of our cover photo has been a mainstay of our calendars and will continue. We will consider adding bios of the monthly felines and canines in the future.

      • Some photos in the 2018 Classic had a sepia tone instead of a crisp black and white contrast: We found the sepia issue a problem as well. We discussed the issue with our printer and have made adjustments from both the designer's and the printer's perspectives.

    CLAB Merchandise

    • Current Products: Due to the low sales of Ban the Bomb and Cat Lovers Against the Bomb t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other CLAB merchandise, we no longer list them for sale on our on-line store. Though, we still have some sizes and colors available. If you are interested in current products, please contact us via our Contact Us link to inquire for a listing of available merchandise.

    • New Products: We have been asked to create a number of different calendar formats, including a pocket calendar, perpetual calendar, and a weekly calendar book.  These calendars are future possibilities. 


    What is Nebraskans for Peace (NFP) involvement with CLAB now that Cat Lovers Calendar (CLC) is involved?

    With the retirement of NFP's editorial team in 2015 while considering CLAB's popularity with its decades-long fans, NFP's board asked a long-time NFP board member to continue CLAB's journey, hence the creation of Cat Lovers Calendar.

    NFP opted to no longer directly create or distribute CLAB calendars but has put their trust in Cat Lovers Calendar to carry the peaceful torch onward in these troubled times.

    Nebraskans for Peace continues to sponsor all of our calendars, has staff members on the CLC editorial board, and are very involved with selecting photos for upcoming calendars. 

    We proudly cite NFP's support on the upper, back corner of all of our calendars.