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Benefits of Catios

Build a Catio for Special-Needs Cats

Computer Monitor Cat Bed!

How to Build a Feral Cat Shelter for the Winter

How to Build a DIY, Insulated Outdoor Cat Shelter

How to Build a Safe and Stylish Catio

I Designed and Built My Dream Catio - and You Can, Too

Indoor Cat Paradise

Living the High Life: Urban Catios from New York to Seattle


Feline Health

8 Things You Didn't Know were Poisonous to Cats

All About Cat Diets - How and Why to Put your Cat on a Diet Safely

Cat Body Language: Decoding the Ears and Tail

Cat Colors: Reasons your Cat's Fur Changes Over Time

Cat Scooting - Why it Happens and What to Do

Cat Whiskers

Cat Workouts?

Deformed Legs Can't Hold Back Little Bear, the Rescue Kitten

Dingleberries, Butt-Hair Trims, and Other Unforeseen Hazards of Living with a Fat Cat

D'Artagnan, the Paraplegic Cat, Finds His Forever Home

Hyperthyroidism in Cats

My Cat's Ears are Hot -- Is This Normal?

Pretzel the Kitten is Blind, Deformed, and Inspiring People on Facebook

Should Plants Have Warning Labels for Cat Owners?

The Biggest Loser: Tiny, the Fat Cat, Drops Half His Body Weight

Toxic and Non-Toxic Plants

Why do Cats Purr?


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Bored Cat Solutions 

Can a Cat be a Service Animal?

Can a Cat Ride in a Car without a Carrier?

Can You Live with a Cat if you are Allergic?

Cat-Friendly Airlines for Flying with a Cat In Cabin

DIY Floating Cat Shelves

Helping a Feral Cat Become a House Cat

How Do You Protect Feral Cats from the Winter Cold?

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How to Get your Cat to Stop Begging for Food

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Is Pet Insurance Worth It for an Indoor Cat?

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Kitten Socialization: Training a Kitten to Wear a Harness

Litter Box Cleaning Hacks

Preparing Your Home for a Kitten

Should I Let my Cat Outside?

Solutions for Pet Cats

Traveling with a Cat in a Car Long Distances

What is the Best Cat for Someone with Allergies?

What do I Need to Adopt a Cat?

When is a Cat Considered a Senior?

Why Do Cats like Cat Grass?

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