Fan Mail!

"Discovering the CLAB calendar has been one of the most rewarding discoveries of my life! Finding a calendar, something I use daily, that combines wonderful photos that exude cat-ness - love, peacefulness, knowing/understanding looks, energy ... with statements regarding justice and love of people. I couldn't believe there was an organization of people who see the world the way I do, and who exhibits a call to action.  And ... you are located in NEBRASKA, not in New York or California!  THANK YOU for your work!"  ~ Katy O, Minnesota

"One AWESOME calendar!"  ~ Ingrid, New York

"Love the quotes and photos of Nobel Peace Laureates and the monthly quotes for the "Cats-Contemporary" calendar." ~ Ambrose S, Wisconsin

"Please never stop printing these calendars - they give me and the people I give them to hope for the future!! They make me feel calm and more peaceful."  ~ Nancy M, Georgia

"Thank you for making every day special!~ Jennifer, California

"I love the CLAB calendar and everything that CLAB stands for. Thank you for being a voice of peace and hope.❤️" ~ Linda, Sequim, Washington

"... I have had some of your calendars for years, not to mention the ever present bumper sticker.  Thank you for all you do.  As a member of Pax Christi and a supporter of Nuclear Resisters and other similar groups, I have hope that, working together, we may remove the scourge of nuclear weapons before they are ever used." ~ Ruth, Arizona

" I appreciate your excellent service and efforts for Peace through these wonderful calendars!" ~ Sue, Oregon

"So glad you brought back the original (CLAB)!" ~ Katie, Washington

"So glad you offer the Classic again; it is unique in black and white, traditional, and appropriate for the 'peaceful' quotes. Also love the additions: Pups for Peace was obviously needed; LGBTQ was a surprise, well done, and has the cutest pictures. It makes the best New Year presents for my friends." ~ Jill, Texas

"I love what you do - don't ever stop, please!" ~ Nancy, Georgia

"I like the 'new look' of the 2017 calendar, and I love all of the activist info on your site and the fact that you use 'green' printing methods." ~ Judith, Pennsylvania

"I was working my way into a parking space when a lively young woman spotted my bumper sticker from CLAB. I rolled down my window and talked with her.  She was laughing, delighted with her discovery. I pointed out that you have a beautiful calendar. Thank you for spreading the joy!" ~ Don, Massachusetts

"The idea of the musical lyrics is nice (2017 CLAB calendar). They are a good selection!" ~ Lee & Carol Ann, Florida

"Purr, purr, purr!  Package arrived today and we are being over-run (happily) by many kitties! The poem-songs are very moving!!!  I will be taking some [calendars] to my family reunion later this week. Thank you, and Keep the Faith!" ~ Vivian, Wisconsin

"Just wanted to let you know that I love the 2017 calendar! I have always loved the black and white photos and the quotations. But I love the green background color on the new calendar - and the longer quotations. Very nice!" ~ Suzanne, Texas

"Thank you for my 30th continuous year of the wonderful CLAB Calendar! " ~ Annie, Nevada

"...[My 2017 CLAB calendar] order arrived yesterday! Love this year's calendar! Best ever.  My grandkids will love it.  Thanks!" ~ Karla, Nebraska

"I wanted to thank you SOOOOO much for the [2017 CLAB] calendar. it is AWESOME!!!!! You and the team have outdone yourselves. I love the kitty silhouettes, the poetry/lyrics, and the green background - my favorite color. Please let the team know how much I enjoy their work." ~ Steve, Colorado

"I was warmed by your reply to my questions...and for working out the CLAB  transition to continue this very valuable and much loved calendar.  The calendar with its stellar pix and its important messages is a treasure that brings continuing inspiration and hope in these grim times." ~ Aviva, New York

"The [2017] calendar is absolutely FABULOUS!! Great job! I love the frolicking kitties along the calendar side and great quotes!! Truly impressive." ~ Susan, Nebraska

"Thanks for carrying on the tradition!" ~ Sandy, Pennsylvania

"Thank you for all your hard work on behalf of peace." ~ JoAnn, New York

"Rambo is very excited and can't wait to be famous for the whole month of July next year (2017). He has been a little hard to live with since the news and I have had to sit him down for a couple of talks because he keeps knocking various objects off my desk--just to get the attention he thinks he deserves now. We are both honored and for the first time, I know what it feels like to be a proud mama!" ~ Karen, Colorado

"Thank you so much for the calendars. Our patients LOVED them. One woman said that reading it brought her to tears. The work your organization does is so inspiring and important." ~ Cole, Free Range Health, Marysville, Washington

"Heartfelt thanks for the work you do." ~ Jane, Vancouver, BC, Canada

"Thank you so much, as always, for your kind way of sharing art and activism." ~ Carla Lee

"Your calendar makes the days so much brighter. Thank you a thousand times!" ~ Maggie, Lincoln, Nebraska

"Thank you so much for continuing CLAB!" ~ Katherine, Michigan

"I love the facts about different cats around the world and their stories! Our cats Rafiki and Simba bring us lots of joy, as they are important members of our family." ~ Libby, Omaha, Nebraska

"I purchased my calendars from Fact and Fiction in Missoula, MT this year. I'm glad to have the opportunity to get and give your calendars (year after year), and support a very fine local business in the process. Thank you again and PEACE." ~ Myke, Missoula, Montana

"I have been a CLAB loyal follower since the 1980's and appreciate your group's focus, creativity, and theme tying cat lovers and peace together. Thank you and here's to many more years of success!" ~ Laurie, Aspers, Pennsylvania

"It's GREAT that you've modernized [the calendar]. Thank you for your peace work." ~ Crystal, Palo Alto, California

"We LOVE these calendars!" ~ Susan, Lincoln, Nebraska

"Thank you, as always, for your dedication, hard work, and love for this difficult and wonderful world." ~ Carla, Hayward, California

"To the new people: Thank you for continuing! The calendar has been precious to me for many years." ~ Betsy, with cats Casey and Ebony, Ferndale, Washington

"Thank you for your work and these lovely calendars. My friends always display and comment on them." ~ Kali, Williams, Arizona

"Keep up the good work!" ~ Anne, White Plains, New York

"Thank you all soooo much!  I can't tell you how much I enjoy your calendars." ~ Steve, Denver, Colorado

"WOW! Just went on your website - fabulous! You guys did a great job!!!" ~ Rachel, Toms River, New Jersey"

"So enjoy my [CLAB] calendar; much gratitude!" ~ Catherine, Dillon Beach, California

"Thank you all so much for the joy, inspiration, and gentle nudges your calendars have given me over the years." ~ Andrea, Dripping Springs, Texas

"Thanks for everything! Your calendars are so inspiring." ~ Norma, Shelton, Washington

"I love your calendar!" ~ Jeffrey, Ventura, California

"We love the black and white photos - makes this an extra-special calendar; different from the others." ~ Anne, Corsica, Pennsylvania

"Stick with B&W; Ansel Adams did!" ~ Anonymous

"Don't even think of going with color photos [with CLAB]." ~ Anonymous

"Thanks for your wonderful calendar; it's an old friend! Wouldn't be a New Year without it." ~ Suzanne and cats, Em & Earl, Austin, Texas

"A year-end treat to rival Santa - Thanks!" ~ Saul, Deming, New Mexico

"Thank you so much for the 'pure pleasure' of receiving and giving your wonderful calendars every year, and for your steadfast work for Peace. They are a joy to read each day and are truly 'catnip' for our spirits!" ~ Sue & Dick, Cheshire, Oregon

"Your calendars make me smile all year long! ~ Jennifer, Tucson, Arizona

"I love the B&W photos! They are so striking.  If they were in color, this would appear as just another calendar. " ~ Anonymous

"Best wishes for your great enduring work." ~ Maureen & Caroline, Berkeley, California

"We like the dramatic impact of B&W photos - very moving." ~ Anonymous

"With each passing year, my Christmas list for the CLAB calendar increases. Keep up the good work!" ~ Neva, Sacramento, California