2015 Famous Felines & their FFPs

Congratulations to these Famous Felines and their Famous Feline Parents (FFPs)! 

These very special kitties were featured in the 2015 CLAB calendar.

Month Famous Felines Famous Feline Parents (FFP)
Cover Mango Mary Sander, Indiana
January Scratch Cat Julie & Scott Brown, New York
February Oliver & Mouse Mike & Christy Rice, Oregon
March Francisco Kristina Smith, California
April Bacochibampo Shirley Achord, Nebraska
May Little Lord Fauntleroy Jennifer Hillman, Washington
June Mick & Jack Kitty Morrissy, Indiana
July Rascal Katie Ludy, Maryland
August Charlie Dorothy Pedtke, Indiana
September Beau Dian Lerman, Massachusetts
October Dora Jeri Murphy, California
November Ab Paul Mays, Indiana
December La Maravilla Cynthia Bennett, Arizona