2017 Famous Felines & their FFPs!

Congratulations to these Famous Felines and their Famous Feline Parents (FFPs)! 

These very special kitties were selected to be featured in the 2017 CLAB calendar!

Month Famous Felines Famous Feline Parents (FFP)
Cover Willie Susanna Walz, Massachusetts
January Precious Bonnie Headley, Tennessee
February Valentine & Ming Madelyn McCaul, California
March Shady Paul Mays, Indiana
April Callie Dona Chilcoat, Colorado
May Monroe Susan Thompson, South Dakota
June Violet Eileen Stark, Oregon
July Rambo Karen Fogg, Colorado
August Mei Ling Peter King, New Mexico
September Charlie Pat Donovan, Virginia
October Diabla Ka Tesha Fry, Missouri
November Rothenberg Melia Healy, Florida
December Nibs Tamara Banavige, Oregon