2024 Cat Lovers for LGBTQA+ Rights

$ 12.50

Cat Lovers for LGBTQA+ Rights wall calendar showcases historical anecdotes in a beautiful, full-color format with new rainbow theme.

Uniquely honoring the challenges of the LGBTQA+ community in a feline-friendly format, featuring:

  • Full-color photographs
  • Over 200 LGBTQA+ and feline anecdotes
  • Dozens of new anecdotes!
  • Feline-faced moon phases
  • LGBTQA+ holidays
  • Playful feline silhouettes
  • Thoughtful monthly quotes
  • Previous and next month calendar insets
  • Photos submitted by our national and international friends
  • List of selected LGBTQA+ Organizations in the US and abroad
  • Union printed by women-owned sustainable printer
  • Printed on 10% PCW paper
  • 11" x 17" opened

Extraordinarily colorful!

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