2021 Famous!

Congratulations to these Famous Felines & Canines, and their Famous Parents! 

2021 CLAB Classic and CLAB Contemporary calendars:

Month Famous Felines Famous Parents
Cover JAGU [undisclosed], California
January ASLAN Alexis Lovejoy, Florida
February MUFASA & SIMBA Mallory Journigan, Virginia
March MRS KITTY Kurstie Gribben, Indiana
April BUBBY Mary Perry, New York
May BUTTER David & Dawn Saur, New York
June MOMMY John & Carrie Robare, New York
July FRANK Katie Fernau, Pennsylvania
August IVY ROSE Sherry Ruud, Illinois
September MUSHU Abigail Bland, Washington
October HOWIE Joyce Carr, West Virginia
November O'MALLEY Lisa Hart, Canada
December BELLA & SERGIO Lisa Barsalona, Massachusetts


2021 LGBTQA+ Rights calendar:

Month Famous Felines Famous Parents
Cover PEANUT David & Dawn Saur, New York
January AMELIA Rebecca Cruz, New Jersey
February TIGGA & BELLA Stephanie Dent, Australia
March GUS Mary Steinhardt, Wisconsin
April GRACIE Elizabeth Stephenson, Pennsylvania
May JOSIE Karen Cooper, Michigan
June BUZZ Addie Bhasar, Michigan
July CUBBY Nancy Hori, California
August INDIA Louise Green, Canada
September FRANKIE Teresa Moorman, Oregon
October YARDLEY Yolanda Cairo Raftice, Florida
November NINJA Kristen Smith, Texas
December SABER Leena El-Nachar, Texas


2021 Pups for Peace calendars:

Month Famous Canines Famous Parents
Cover ELLA Kylie Edwards, UK
January DILL Nathaniel Fores, Wisconsin
February PUMPKIN Craig & Rhonda Spence, Texas
March LATTE'
Mena & Dave Sprague, Nebraska
April BAUER Jenny Shanebrook, Indiana
May FLUFFY Emilie Must, Canada
June BOWSER Yolanda Cairo Raftice, Florida
July NEWMAN Grayson Billings, Arizona
August HEIDI Dave & Minnie Gail Sprague, Nebraska
September JASCHA Nathaniel Fores, Wisconsin
October MAX Emma Maddy, England
November ZINSER Paige Orstad, Oklahoma
December RICO Callie Bell, California


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